Picture of the Day, 2015.08.17

2015.08.13.3386 Female CardinalAn unremarkable photo, taken Aug. 13, 2018, of a female cardinal scrounging for seeds in the back yard. What makes it noteworthy to me is that it’s the first photo, hand-held,  I took with my brand-new, honkin’-huge Tamron 150-600 f/5-6.3 lens. I shot it from more than twice as far away as I usually make my bird-feeder shots. I’ll be doing a lot of bird-hunting with this, extending my reach and perfecting my craft. Nikon D7100. RAW. f/6.3 lens. 600mm (CF 900mm).  1/640 sec. 0EV. ISO 1600. Click on image to enlarge

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